Solutions for MSW

Analysis of the composition

of waste at the waste sorting facility

How much of waste goes to landfills?
  • More than 50%
    of the outgoing flow is made up of useful fractions of recyclables on average sorting with basic equipment
  • 19,55 million USD
    the cost of "discarded" useful waste per 100 thousand tons of outgoing flow
Evaluation of the potential of the outgoing flow
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the complex
Checking the quality of equipment or shift work
Seasonal morphology analysis
Learn more about your sorting
Recyclables in 100 thousand tons of outgoing flow

Operation of the system on the MRF complex

  • Automatic transmission of the video stream

  • Camera above the conveyor belt

  • Does not interfere with current processes

  • Automatic report generation

  • Data processing in the cloud
  • Regular submission of results


Advantages of the system

  • Recognition of 54 waste fractions

  • High detection accuracy

  • Continuous data collection

  • Does not require additional resources

Analytical reports examples

Shares of the most common classes of recyclables in the outflow by weight

Composition of waste in the outflow by groups of recyclables
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